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Audi A5 8T Coupe SR66 Widebody

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Hi there guys! Thought that I'll give it a go with my Audi.

This one right here is a '08 3.0tdi quattro. Bought it at the end of June and probably after a week I began to mod the car a bit here and there.

First was the suspension - I decided to go with #Yellowspeed coilovers all around.

Second decision has been made when I was waiting for coils to arrive - doing a prelift wide body kit. Since I'm the CEO of SR66 Design - a body kit company - and we have a widebody for the B8.5 I thought that it would be nice to extend our offer a bit and tune our design to suit the B8 prelift headlights, hood & grille. After I said that I gonna cut my car, - it started.... so said basically my car's gonna be the first prelift SR66 wide body kit in the world.

Second thing that has been purchased were the rims - I decided to go with 20x11 ET0 Concaver wheels model CVR3. That combined with a little 15-18mm spacer will give me a nice result. Combined these with 275/30 Hankook tires.

Third part of the puzzle were the exhaust tips and deletion of the rear mufflers. Since I own a 3.0 V6 TDi it will give me that nice roaring sound.

Fourth.... carbon fiber here and there - stay tuned ;-)

Okay, here are some pics before it has been cut and from now - when it's widebodied a bit ;)

July. Few days after Purchase


First puzzles came by: Yellowspeed suspension


end of july. With coils onboard...


August. Wheels came by: 20x11 ET0


End of august. Started the fun part.

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Wow that looks good! Any idea on manufacturing and prices?
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