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Hi Joe,

Yes the 'BN' brembo 4 pot calipers are for the 320mm x 30mm discs, std on the 3,0 tdi.

The other version of 4 pot calipers fit the S5's 345mm disc. I am in the process of doing a small upgrade on my S5 using 8R0615105/6 BE Brembo calipers which fit the 345mm disc.

Note: the Brembo calipers do not have separate carriers, they are built into the caliper. Carriers tend to be for sliding calipers like the OE single piston caliper.

There are plenty of the 320mm disc Brembo 4 pot calipers and I think the sellers think they are the same and charge the same money as the bigger 345mm disc calipers. There has been a set of shiny black ones in Glasgow on Ebay for a while, but these are the 320mm disc type and I guess the only buyers would be Q5 owners looking for a direct replacement, although there is an advantage of 4 pots over the single pots fitted to yours, so even though the same size disc, it is still an upgrade, like it is for me as I'm staying with the same size OE discs.

Also my S5 calipers, same as the rest of the A5s, but with the carriers to make it possible to fit the larger 345mm disc will be up for sale soon! :)

As you can tell, I given this quite a bit of research, so let me know if you have any other Qs!

Also, you can get SQ5 caliper, that are a twin pot sliding caliper, but they allow you to fit 380mm discs!! :)
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