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Hello everyone, I have this annoying whining noise on my car. It’s a lot louder when the cars cold and then when it warms up it’s less noticeable but still there. It gets louder and quieter with revs up and down. Changes sound when you use paddles to change gear (goes back quiet and whines louder with revs going up). It also does it at a standstill in park, neutral whilst driving etc. It’s been to a VAG specialist and they can’t locate the fault.
I’ve fitted: 3x idlers, tensioner, new serp belt, crank pulley, reconditioned alternator. Turbo has been inspected today and they believe that isn’t the cause. Gearbox was rebuilt around 9K miles ago. Car is now on 156K.

does anyone have any idea or have they had it themselves? It’s driving me insane now!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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