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Im now offering my older configuration to take the 3.0tdi ccwa/capa engine to a good +400hp +800nm
This kit is going to include almost everything you need just some small additional things are needed nothing major.

The kit includes a cp3r90 hpfp thats restored by darkside developments.
An front mount intercooler to replace the original one. Also from darkside developments.
An hybrid turbocharger made by darkside developments "Darkside GTD2872VRK up to 500hp". Reality around 450hp with meth
Silicon housing from turbo to airbox.

This kit is going to cost you 2000 € + shipping from me. I've only driven with these parts around 1500-2000kilometers.
I can also give you an amount off the price if your able to supply me with your oem garret turbo.

In addition your going to need an 4bar map sensor around 50euros
bitdi maf sensor around 100euros
hpfp installation kit around 300euros.

I also have an extra set of injectors if your a capa engine owner. The injectors of capa are going to limit you to around 380hp. With bigger ccwa injectors you can do 420+hp

Im going to update this thread with photos soon.
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