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HI people,

I have a question about my fan/blower.

I had a diagnostic to find some faults but this ones i`m having issues with is the fan/blower etc. I was told that the aircon pressure sensor was faulty (now replaced but not sure if that has solved anything due to the main problem with the blower) and the fan blower control module was faulty. I bought a replacement module and replaced it only to find that the blower now only goes to 7 rather than 12 so the first question is how do i get it to go up to 12 again? also the replacement didnt change anything so at the same time i checked the fan motor also (works fine) so i put the old module back on but it will blow only to 7?
The next question is i see a flap above the motor would i be right in saying that that opens and shuts etc depending on which vents you want on? the flap does not move?

Any help on those questions would be massively appreciated.


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