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Attention For Those Driving In Germany

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Polizei will be running double camera cars, a few miles apart of each other,
on the A6, A62 and A63 starting today for the next 2-3 weeks (actual end
date unknown). If a car is flashed for speeding at the first one then
flashed for speeding on the second, the driver will lose their license for 6
months and receive a 2,000 euro fine. :stop: :autofahrer:
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It is very true and I saw somebody get double flashed right off of A6 near Kaiserslautern. Sapper ur obviously in the Army, as am I, and I was told the same thing...our leaders tell us these kinds of things because the German authorities tell them those kinds of things. I think its something like, dont say we didnt warn you, or, you can't fight the ticket because we told you it would happen, kind of situation. The Germans are much more courteous than Americans in that sense...they at least let you know theyr gonna F*** you
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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