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Attention For Those Driving In Germany

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Polizei will be running double camera cars, a few miles apart of each other,
on the A6, A62 and A63 starting today for the next 2-3 weeks (actual end
date unknown). If a car is flashed for speeding at the first one then
flashed for speeding on the second, the driver will lose their license for 6
months and receive a 2,000 euro fine. :stop: :autofahrer:
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I assume this does not cover the 'unrestricted' areas of the Autobahn?

Sorry, not a local, but was driving through there 2 months ago.
Speed traps are only set up in areas where there is an indicated speed limit.

However you should be aware that if you are travelling at more than 130km/h in Germany and have an accident - ie, someone builds a brick wall across your lane and you hit it -> :wall: - you will be judged to be at least partially to blame.

Using a more realistic example, you are heading down the motorway doing 180km/h, the vehicle in front loses some of it's load and you hit it. You will not get all of your damage compensated by the insurers of the vehicle which lost it's load but only a percentage as:

- had you been going 130km/h or less you could have avoided the debris
- had you been going 130km/h or less the damage would be less severe.

The implication is that 130km/h is ok, anything beyond that you are partly accepting responsibility for any eventualities.....

Ooohohohhh... thanks for this FMJ :thumbsup:

Thankfully I made it through your totally awesome roads unscathed and now back in the totally sh*t roads of Melbourne.

I was driving for 200km down a straight highway (at 110km/h limit) day dreaming about how much i miss European motorways.

It is a very highly policed state hear, where drivers are looking for at the speedo than at the road.
Litterally, speed cameras everywhere!
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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