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Attention For Those Driving In Germany

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Polizei will be running double camera cars, a few miles apart of each other,
on the A6, A62 and A63 starting today for the next 2-3 weeks (actual end
date unknown). If a car is flashed for speeding at the first one then
flashed for speeding on the second, the driver will lose their license for 6
months and receive a 2,000 euro fine. :stop: :autofahrer:
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Thanks sapper ! Next week I will be on the A5 (how appropriate!) from Frankfurt to Molsheim, France - from your info it should be clear!
Hopefully I can get an Audi or Merc from Avis for the trip as I have before. Although the last time they gave me a Ford C-Max and it was dangerous to drive that car above 140 kph !
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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