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Are you iritated by the S5 first gear jerkiness?

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I have a meeting with a regional director of Audi re this issue on Friday of next week. There are many compliants about this "antio stall" feature on the forum, but I don't believe many people have actually reported it back to thier dealer. If you are irritated with the difficulty of smooth take off and smooth driving in stop/start traffic, then please let me know before next friday and I will pass this on. I don't know how to set up a proper pole on this site so either let me know by responding to this thread or possibly some other member in the know could set up a pole for me. Ideally I just need to know roughly where you are based in the world and how long you have had the car.

Many thanks
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i've test driven 2 different S5's (wont have my own until next week), but i never noticed any jerkiness taking off from a stop. what i DID notice, and could not correct for the life of me, was jerkiness when going from 1st to 2nd. no other shifts were jerky for me.

so i guess my question is: are people saying that it's IMPOSSIBLE to do a smooth start in 1st gear or are people saying it's DIFFICULT to do a smooth start?

also, i realize the 1st to 2nd jerkiness might just be me :)
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