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Are you iritated by the S5 first gear jerkiness?

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I have a meeting with a regional director of Audi re this issue on Friday of next week. There are many compliants about this "antio stall" feature on the forum, but I don't believe many people have actually reported it back to thier dealer. If you are irritated with the difficulty of smooth take off and smooth driving in stop/start traffic, then please let me know before next friday and I will pass this on. I don't know how to set up a proper pole on this site so either let me know by responding to this thread or possibly some other member in the know could set up a pole for me. Ideally I just need to know roughly where you are based in the world and how long you have had the car.

Many thanks
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Graham's actually referring to the issue encountered when pulling gently away from standstill, or, far more pertinently, when attempting to ease the car along in stop-start traffic.

When we met at the APS day, He actually gave me a graphic demonstration of how the basic problem manifests itself. It's simple, try it when you next get into your S5.

1) With the car in neutral and at idle speed, press the throttle very gently, aiming to gradually feed-in the revs. You'll accomplish this no problem, revs rise in a smooth linear fashion as you would expect to be the case all the time.

2) Now, attempt the same with the clutch depressed fully, car still in neutral.

I tried this first in Graham's car, and then in my own. It was astonishing - with the clutch depressed, the same gentle application of the throttle suddenly brings in the aforementioned surge of revs from approx 550 up to 2000 or so - it's impossible to increase engine speed in a smooth and linear manner with clutch depressed.

It seemed that this demonstration was a far starker illustration of why the car is a frustrating handful in stop-start - and that there is clearly an electronics-related issue here - whether it's anti-stall related or not, it's a fault and no amount of driving around it makes Audi less culpable.

Oh, by the way Graham, that's a yes - I'm p*ssed off too!
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May be missing the point?

Guys, this isn't about honing our driving skills or getting used to a new car - most of us have owned a wide variety of different cars over the years and can quickly acclimatise to model-specific characteristics such as biting points, gear ratios, power and torque profiles etc. We also accept that some gearboxes will shift more smoothly than others and that a bit of first-to-second notchiness is not uncommon.

To reiterate - what Graham's highlighting is not a gear-change or transmission mechanics issue - that is how it is and we can all accept it or turn-in our cars (ChasTT!). And this thread isn't a confessional for inept drivers who don't share the elevated skill of some of our fellow forum members!

The issue we're discussing here lies with the electronics concerned with managing the engine speed at take-off - it's likely a function of an anti-stall mechanism but I can't be certain. What I'm clear on though is that the characteristics apparent in my 'experiment' (above), make if difficult or nigh-on impossible to drive the car as intended in first-gear stop-start traffic and is without doubt a flaw which, if resolvd, will be to every owners benefit.
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Thanks DD, it's interesting to hear that, if not common to all cars, it's something that can probably be cured! Out of interest, when did you get yours (from memory I think it was a while ago)? If it is an earlier car, perhaps the anti-stall firmware was a later addition? In any case, if that's what's causing the issue, they can happily remove it from my car and put it where the sun is absent. Think I can just about manage not to stall my car, without the assistance of a little German microprocessor!

I'm not technical enough to be able to comment on your last suggestion :)confused: ) but essentially, I can accept the gearchange quality as it is - it's the process of driving in only one gear (i.e. first) that's annoying me!
Hmmm, without being in the car, it's difficult to be sure but I can imagine this approach having some effect, if perfected!

I suppose the question is whether I want to bother learning the technique or instead to throw it back at Audi and tell them I want my car to behave like Double D's please!
Pun intended?
In which case - well done! :p
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