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Are you iritated by the S5 first gear jerkiness?

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I have a meeting with a regional director of Audi re this issue on Friday of next week. There are many compliants about this "antio stall" feature on the forum, but I don't believe many people have actually reported it back to thier dealer. If you are irritated with the difficulty of smooth take off and smooth driving in stop/start traffic, then please let me know before next friday and I will pass this on. I don't know how to set up a proper pole on this site so either let me know by responding to this thread or possibly some other member in the know could set up a pole for me. Ideally I just need to know roughly where you are based in the world and how long you have had the car.

Many thanks
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How fast are you shifting? The fly wheel in this car is very light, probably a lot lighter than you are used to, which means that the tach may fall a lot faster than your last car. Speeding up your shifts may solve your problem, especially at low rpms. Maybe it is because my last car had a touchy electronic throttle, but on both of my extended test drives around conjested nj "suburbs" I found 1 -> 2 shifts to be glorious and smooth without ever jarring the salesman. I did find a few launches to be touchy because I am not used to the engagement point on the clutch.

I am not saying you don't know how to drive, I am saying you may be still applying your old habits to new technology. Take a look at what RPM = MPH in both 1st and 2nd gear. And make a conscious effort to match them. You will get a sense of the timing, and then you will fall into harmony.

1 -> 2 Shifts are like sleeping with a woman, the first few times are rough, but once you figure out the rhythms, it is bliss, unless you want it to be rough...
Perfectly said...there is no problem with the S5 transmission but an in-abilty for so many drivers on here to understand and adapt to the cars characteristics.
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