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Im approaching 200K miles with my 2009 3.0TDI but during the lockdowns it has hardly turned a wheel.
Since reusing the car I'm getting a knocking noise when powering out of left hand corners. The noise is almost like a machine gun clattering away. Its coming from the area of the driveshaft and I think may be caused by grease in the CV joints that has dried out.
I've had this problem with other cars. The fix has been to squirt some gearbox oil into the CV boots.
For this car I can squirt oil into the outer CV joint through the large threaded bolt hole that holds the driveshaft to the hub.
But to get to the inner CV joint I need to know whether the drive shaft is hollow. I.e. is there a passageway for the oil to get from the outer to inner CV joint?
Any advise is greatly appreciated.
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