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Are Chipsaway any good?

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The reason I ask the question is that some moron (me) has just scratched his pride and joy. I am soooo not happy and don't worry I will be sending myself to bed this evening with out any dinner!

The problem I have is that there are a lot of body shops around and I have no idea where to start.

Google returned Chipsaway on the results page and I have seen a few of their vans out and about and they also get a few mentions on here but I am still not sure if they qualify as recommendations.

Here is the scratch in question:

Would anyone recommend Chipsaway or could anyone recommend anyone in the Yorkshire (preferable West) area?

Thanks in advance
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I used them for a little scratch on my back bumper and they seemed to have done a good job, but I did find they hadn't finished it off properly as the finish wasn't smooth...however a friend that has a body shop just took his buffing machine to it and finish it off.

You get what you pay for with this type of job. Would I use them again, not sure I really think its garage dependent as it is a franchise so comparing one to another isn't really possible as some might be better than others, I did save £400 by using them though so it was worth it for me.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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