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My RS5 Carbon Black Edition built April 2021 has electric RS seats but no memory button unlike my previous cars. No option to add "seat memory" when car was factory ordered.

The Driver Seat Memory module throws an error each time the electric seat is moved. Does not give error on passenger electric seat.

Dealer claims Audi says it is normal to have the error!

Audi Technical claims it is because the Memory button has not been fitted to the car. Memory module exists hence the error from Driver Seat Memory Module but unable to locate the memory button on driver door hence the error.

Can somebody help, if they own a similar RS5 and VCDS, to see if the same error is across all cars with same specification, or an error unique to my car?

Fault can be cleared but appears next time seat is moved. Fault remains once and does not update the date and time each subsequent movement of the seat.

If it happens widely on all cars, Audi should be chased to supply the missing memory button on the driver door.

If it is unique to my car, there is clearly a fault which I will chase Audi to repair under the warranty.

All help appreciated, thanks to all in advance!

Error message from VCDS:

Address 36: Seat Mem. Drvr (J136) Labels:* None
Part No SW: 4M4 959 760 A HW: 4M2 959 760 A
Component: MEM-FS 009 0060
Serial number: [Redacted]
Coding: 01621004000CB0000003010141010000000000000000000000000000802003
Shop #: WSC 06325 790 00001
ASAM Dataset: EV_SCMDriveSideCONTIAU736 006013
ROD: EV_SCMDriveSideCONTIAU736_006.rod
VCID: 3A3836C2BDBF3C5FC1-806F

1 Fault Found:
458785 - Databus
U1121 00 [041] - Missing Message
Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear
Freeze Frame:
Fault Status: 00000001
Fault Priority: 6
Fault Frequency: 1
Reset counter: 21
Mileage: 6615 km
Date: 2022.05.16
Time: 12:17:24

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I have the same model, SB edition. I do not have any errors on moving seats (unless you mean errors in VCDS, which I dont have any access too)

Also if you look on the MMI there's a function for easy access our something like that on drivers seat and that does nothing either.
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