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Ill be ordering my car in the next few weeks and will probably be getting one of the three 2.0 engines

I have the specs for the two 2.0 petrol engines (the 180 and 211ps) Although, interestingly enough on the Irish Audi site the 1.8lt is still available and the 180ps 2.0 isnt available yet - only the 211ps one and the 2.0 diesel so maybe ill have to choose between the 211ps or the diesel only ? Or maybe the site just isnt up to date ? (Although it has the 2.0 diesel engine there)

Anyway, does anyone have the specs for the 2.0 diesel ? All i can see is that its 170Bhp and the CO2 on the manual is 140 and on the quattro is 156. (And it also has the prices)

Anyone have the 0-60 times, max torque figures etc ?
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