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Agreed, the TDI has plenty of torque and has been mentioned in several articles that is actually like the sportier version of the 3.2L, which, in itself has VERY decent power.

About the millage, expect the S5 to be about half of the A5, I currently have a B6 S4 and millage w/o pushing much averages 15mpg, cruising @ 70mph you'll get about 18 mpg... the more you rev the car, obviously the more it'll consume... that's almost a taboo with the 4.2L since that baby comes to life on the high RPM band (5000+) and the growl just makes you keep it there.

I test drove both A5 non-Sline and the S5 and yeah... you feel the difference and the S5 somehow becomes unforgettable. The A5 I think is perfect for everyday use, commuter in style.

If you can purchase the car there and bring it here, do so. Get the latest options like the height adjustable suspension.

thanks for the info guys! The only one I got to drive was the A5 S-line with the 3.0 TDI, which i actually liked. I really want those in the states, id be plently happy with that.

How is the gas mileage compared to the S5? From what I have been reading, they are about the same.. but I don't know if that is true or just numbers. 26.5 MPG sounds pretty good. I wouldn't plan on driving either one as an everyday driver.. esp when we move to Ohio from Germany here soon.

But I definately think the S Line package is worth it (except the stiff sports suspension). The S5 seats look uncomfortable, but what do I know lol.

No, I am getting the manual. I learned how to drive stick here in germany in my old 89 CQ, and I couldn't go back to automatic, unless i owned a truck or something like that.

Thanks for all the info! Its very helpful!
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