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Hi There

Has anyone had experience of Koni Special Active shocks (these replaced the FSD's) and if these can/ have been fitted to the S5 B8 3.0T Sportback? I have emailed Koni to find out if they would fit, as they are not listed in the model breakdown, but not sure what the difference in attachments are compared to a coupe or cab? Knowing the knowledge base on this forum I'm hoping someone may be able to help with some info, from experience?

I have posted before on the issues I have had with my suspension on my 2010 S5, where I ended up changing all of the control arms, ball joints etc. on the front end. It has improved, but I still have some knocking etc. from the suspension. My indie mechanic has said that everything is tight, so in experience would either be the top mounts or tired shocks. I have read so many posts on suspension on this forum, Audizine and other forums, with different peoples opinions that it's a bit of a minefield.

I have owned the car since last Nov and have always found the suspension to be overly firm. It's running on 20" double spoke alloys 265/30/20 tyres, so understand that this would be firmer than smaller rims, or standard/ S-line suspension. I'm looking to make the ride more comfortable (I have a young family to travel with), without major costs, so not really looking to go down the coilover route. I'd like to retain the standard springs, so uprated shocks seems to be the best option. If anyone has experience retaining the standard springs with aftermarket shock that improved ride, I'd also be interested in your experience.

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