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Anyone has good solutions...CarPlay Smart Box

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I love the new car 2021 Sportback with wireless CarPlayI bought last year. I have always been obsessed with sports cars, especially during various holidays. I like to go for a ride with my friends. My friends envy my new car, but the only thing that makes me annoy about the dashboard, which can only navigate and play music in the car, and there are no other entertainment software, so I can't watch my favorite movies and videos. I also like to watch videos on the big screen. Is there any way to satisfy me? Does anyone have a good idea?
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Many A5 models have either USB or SD card slots, or perhaps both. Putting a video in MP4 format on the SD card or USB stick, or music files, can be played from the MMI.

Similarly, with CarPlay, a movie or video on your phone can also be played if it is visible in the Music app. In my case, the media on my Mac is sent to my iPhone and appears in the Music app automatically so nothing extra has been needed. Obviusly, these movies and videos are not copy protected. Copy protected media on the iPhone will not play anywhere other than on the iPhone screen so even AirPlay (via AppleTV box) is unable to play it, examples include TV downloaded on Sky app or BBC iPlayer app for watching offline, that can be legally played on your iPhone but blocked from being played elsewhere.

Please remember that video playback cuts off at a threshold speed for safety reasons to avoid distracting the driver. VCDS modifications exist to change that threshold but the driver must not be distracted as that can be an offence if the police catch a person in the UK "not driving with due care and attention", and possibly similar laws in other countries.

Hope it helps!
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