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Anybody running 285/35/20 on an s5?

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i had no idea the 35 ratio would look this huge so now im starting to have major doubts about the look, especially since im wanting to lower it.
i put the tires up for sale few days after i received these. but ye so......
anybody have pics of this type of setup on their s5? (preferably b8.5)
285 35 20
20x11 et30

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Yeah, as the width is 285 too! The sidewall is a percentage of the width.

OEM tyres are 265 30 R20, so yours are quite a bit over with width and sidewall. This will over-read on the speedo too.

Use this calculator to get the % difference between OEM and your wheel the same or near enough.

You do need a 30 sidewall to get back close to the OEM tyre ratios. :)
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It's because the 20" wheel the OP has is 11 inches wide. The 20s in the OEM wheels are 10 inch I believe using 265/275 tyres, so the tyre width is correct in this case, just not the sidewall.
You tyres look good! :)
Maybe we need to see the OP's wheels on the car to judge better?
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1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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