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Anybody running 285/35/20 on an s5?

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i had no idea the 35 ratio would look this huge so now im starting to have major doubts about the look, especially since im wanting to lower it.
i put the tires up for sale few days after i received these. but ye so......
anybody have pics of this type of setup on their s5? (preferably b8.5)
285 35 20
20x11 et30

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It's because the 20" wheel the OP has is 11 inches wide. The 20s in the OEM wheels are 10 inch I believe using 265/275 tyres, so the tyre width is correct in this case, just not the sidewall.
I have Michelin Pilot Sport 4S: 275 35 20's on ET35 10J's (no more spacers) and have it lowered on H&R OE Sports Springs (1BE S-line sports suspension- not sure if that means anything after you have changed the springs)- I first upgraded from stock 255 35 19's to 20's & kept the sidewall at 35 because it was hitting the speed bumps after lowering when still on the 19's and also because it was really hard-ass in the seat.. so now with the 20's & addition of a set of rubber coiled 'spring-assistors' fitted inside the springs this has restored the comfort again and also never grounds on speed bumps- having said that, it's absolutely right on the clearance limit is it touches the arches occasionally on cornering when on bumpy rough tracks. The speedo is only 2mph off when at 30- but I go by Waze for speed accuracy anyway.
However, I may go over to try 275 30 20 next time around, as hopefully the comfort won't be compromised too much by losing the extra 5 of air on the sides and this would probably remove any possibility of touching and visually should look fine, as there is no gap at all atm- as you can see here.

Edit: I've now made the switch to 275 30 20 (from 35) and it is perfect- and the speedo is accurate plus there is absolutely no rub- even on rough ground or when turning and braking, and my initial concerns about grounding over speed bumps and harsher ride were unfounded as does neither- so with lowered springs, ET35 10j 20" wheels the 275 30 20 tyres are definitely the best solution.
(This pic is of the 35's).


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OK, sounds good- so we would like to know do they ever touch the wheel arch lining on bumpy tracks or steeped roundabouts when you are carrying a full load for example?- any photos showing how it sits would also be much appreciated, please! (y)
I've (finally got there) just changed over to 275 30 20 (from 35's) and it's a big improvement- no more rubbing over rough ground (like with the 35's)- but not any less comfortable, no grounding over speed bumps (like with the 19's), no more speedo lag (like with the 35's)- just perfect..
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Simon, yes- I too had issues with the ride comfort even when it was on the 19" wheels which started as soon as it was lowered- so I then added the rubber coiled 'spring assisters' which sit around the metal springs and they cushion the ride so now its just fine and not harsh at all- it's a really simple and cheap solution to a very annoying 'hard-ass/ jarring spine' problem! :)
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