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anybody fit a rear facing child seat in an A5/S5?

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I've posted this in the "Canada" forum as car seats need to be purchased within canada to be legally used.

I did do a search of this topic and noted someone was able to fit a Recaro convertible seat in the back middle console. However, the Recaro's are not cleared by Transport Canada to be used here.

My S5 has been allocated and should arrive in March. My daughter will be 6 months old at that time. I'm trying to plan ahead to keep the S5 wf (wife friendly). Probably would only be using this car occasionally with the whole family, as we have an SUV for that purpose.

Anyone have any experience with this?
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Not sure if you saw this thread, but several folks mentioned that fitting a rear-facing child seat in the A5/S5 is a problem (particularly in the back seat).
thanks Tx..I did see that thread, sort of why I reposted as there has been no clear solution posted aside from the Recaro (which isn't good for us in Canada)...
i put a girl in the back backwards... dunno if that counts
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