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Antmans Build

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well i may as well start it off then gents.

i picked up a 2007 3.0tdi 60k on the clock. quite a few extras apart form sat nav unfortunatly

heres a few pics

ive fitted some new plates a bit and bobs i'll post up some fresh pics tomorrow
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sounds perfect to me really, I love the way it sits.

Don't suppose you remember where you bought it from or have a link at all?
I do dude. I got it from they don't specify an a5 but I bought a kit for a b8 a4 as it's the same platform. It all went in fine :)
nice one buddy thanks! don't suppose you've got a picture of your setup I'm guessing its in your boot? lol Lovely looking car though mate
Cheers dude ill sort some outfor you
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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