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Antmans Build

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well i may as well start it off then gents.

i picked up a 2007 3.0tdi 60k on the clock. quite a few extras apart form sat nav unfortunatly

heres a few pics

ive fitted some new plates a bit and bobs i'll post up some fresh pics tomorrow
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So whats the "build" so far? and could you mention the bits and bobs, and lastly the pictures?

Picked this up on eBay for a steal, s line front bumper in phantom black, Got for the pricey sum of £40 posted.

I dropped it off at the painters this afternoon so will be ready In a week. Also picked up my sline grills from the local dealer.

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Just a few little bits to keep the thread alive

A bit of snow foam action

Generic car park shot ;)

Also picked up some led number plate lights but they are too bright so I need to stick a resistor in to dull them down a little

these are the ones i bought and are error free, ive had no problems with them so far. so all seems good.

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Picked up some blade sline skirts last night for the pricely sum of £40 and dropped them off at the painters first thing.

Again pics when I get them back
Finally picked up an s5 grill cheap. Seen plenty go £100+!!! But I won this genuine one on eBay for £30. Come with original silver ring I'll change back.

Happy days

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Finally got my bumper and skirts back today so I fitted them as work was quiet.

Sorry about the poor iPhone pics




I also fitter my led fog lights. Nice and straight forward and error free. Only £15 the pair as well. I bought the ones below
H11 12V PGJ19-2 Xenon LED WHITE 19 SMD Car Fog Bulb AUDI I | eBay

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Not a good day today

Get a call this morning my car had passed it's mot, however there had been an accident. Some bloke has reversed into my door.

Fucked the door and creased the b post :( gutted!

Luckily he left all his details so it's all going through his insurance now

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Well, congratulations on the mot, any advisories apart from the buggered pillar?
Well, congratulations on the mot, any advisories apart from the buggered pillar?
No advisories thankfully. Just a knackered door haha
Cool :) you getting parts so cheap.. Wish to get s5 grill and side skirts :/
Bought some wheels. Only reps at the moment but the price was way too cheap to say no

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Wheels arrived

Nd picked the old girl up for the air ride fitters. happy days

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could you tell me is it expensive to get air ride? :)
Looks very good! would be good to know how much you paid for your air suspension as I've been looking into Airlift & Accuair. love how your car sits on the OEM y spokes :)
Cheers dude

I paid £2400 for the kit. It's for performance struts and v2 digital management. Then £400 for a basic install

Worth every penny! I love it
that's a very good price! cheapest I've seen around is £2600, I would love to have your setup on my car! it's on my to do list lol has the digital management got preset heights which you can adjust to suit such as for going over speed bumps, lowered drive height and aired out height?

you don't know how much I am jealous of your suspensions setup!
Yeah there are 8 channels that's you set yourself. For example i have one full height (for speed bumps and my drive), fully aired out (lays chassis on the floor), comfy ride height and low ride height. You set them to your own desire. You can fill the each bag 1 psi at a time until you get your perfect heights. Once you have set your heights they are all just a push of a button away
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