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Annoying ticking noise!

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Has anyone else noticed an intermittent ticking type noise eminating from the dash board of their A5 / S5? My S5 is driving me mad and Audi dont have an answer.
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My A5 also has an intermittent clock like tick coming from the dash.Audi have no idea so if you rectify this fault please let me know.
sorry not to be of any help.
Sorry. No noise. Indeed, anyone hearing anything other than engine or wind noise (or radio) is probably hearing something they shouldnt.
possible climatronic(heating)motors setting them selfs in auto mode.May be wrong but try adjusting the controls when the ticking starts and see if the tone of the ticking changes.I would expect this tick to be prompted when first entering the car as the auto mode will move the motors to the required setting.
Run away from the car! It's going to blow up! tick tick tick tick tick

I am pretty sure that noice is from the climate control (I have it as well).

If it is the same its most noticable when the interior is up to temp - try just adjusting your driver side temp up or down by 0.5 C and I'm sure you will notice the ticking rate increase or stop altogether.

Mine ticks as well.

Mine dosen't :p.

My wifes previous golf did this all the time, and I think I was told it had to do with the servo motors in the climate control system. It will occasionally do itfor 15 minutes, then go away once the car is warm? OUr Audi Tech guy may have some valuable info for this issue......

I know how to fix the problem with the audible ticking...

...Turn up the stereo!

...Cars are getting quieter and quieter all the time and now we can hear stuff that was previously masked by engine, wind and road noise as well as rattling trim... such as the noise of our hands on the steering wheel or your wife in the passenger seat.

I suggest we try to market a 'motoring nostalgia' CD that plays road and wind noise, with additional tracks for when a release bearing is failing, a synchro is worn, a wheel bearing has collapsed and when you are on one of those terrible 1960s concrete roads. ;)
Ticking noise

My new A5 with B&O sounds is also making that very annoying, muffled ticking noise which you really hear when the car is turned off. It sounds electrical rather than mechanical and I (thought) could be related to the AMI problems I have experienced - the audio output gets really bad interference (all audio outputs). It goes into the shop next week (Monday) to rectify (I hope).
I have the same problem - it sounds electrical to me. Mine goes into the shop on Monday - have you had it fixed yet?
Maybe the speaker ticking is interference from your phone? Do you all happen to have 3G phones?
I had mine into dealership technician put it down to a slow running vent fan still not convinced however has anyone had problems with outside temp gauge i have had mine replaced but the car still reads 2 degrees higher than other cars in same condition reply would be greatfully accepted by the way happy new year to everyone
I know how to fix the problem with the audible ticking...

...Turn up the stereo!
...or if you're in an S5, open the window and depress your right foot onto the pedal on the right until it will go no further!:D :D :D :D

Seriously though, I get my car on Wednesday and will check this out, and also ask my dealer. None of my previous Audis did this, nor my parent's 3, nor my brother's 2, so don't think it's that common if it's the climate control.

this thread is SO old, apologies for bringing it back up but rather than start another thread i figured i'd chime in.

i just picked up a '10 A5 (S-Line) and i'm experiencing exactly the issues described in the original post. also, the possible cause and 'fix' posted by #6 (markus) are completely in line with my experiences. once the car is up to temperature, a faint 'ticking' sound at roughly 1 sec intervals can be heard. if i adjust the climate control by just a degree (up or down) i can hear the fans change speed as well as other mechanical things needed for the adjustment and the ticking stops.

anyway, this is my first audi and i absolutely LOVE the car - just wondering if the original poster or if any of you can verify that this problem, although maybe not normal, is nothing to worry about.

as i've read in other posts, sometimes taking it in to fix one noise can potentially create another! hehe...and with my luck...that'd probably be the case.

regardless, i'm SO glad to be a part of this 'owners-club' and i'm looking forward to contributing to these forums while enjoying my new audi for years to come!

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might be your back axle
thanks, i appreciate the advice - i'll be sure to check that out.


just a quick update and a wrap-up of my involvement in this thread.

i took my car to the dealership unannounced (no appointment), asked one of the technicians to come out and give it a listen. he pretty much said what has been mentioned here - he said the sounds are just the normal operational noises of the 'flap-system' used by the climate control.

since my previous car didn't have such a system (and since this car is only a week old) i was unfamiliar with sounds. i just wanted to make sure everything is working correctly before i get a chance to screw it up myself. :)

so cool - just figured i'd let u guys know what i found out.

Another possibility; In my old A4 Cab, the CD player in the radio used to click for a bit if there was no CD in the drive. I guess it was trying to scan for a disc.

Not sure if the A5 radio/CD/MMI does the same as I have CD loaded into it...
Mine went into the dealer for this annoying 'ticking' noise on Tuesday. Under Audi UK instruction and warranty they replaced the climate control unit as a know issue. It hasn't fixed it, dealer now scratching head :( ???? Car still with them as they will call Audi on Tuesday for next step and I've told them to keep it until it's sorted.
I get a bit of ticking everyday from down around my pedals when crawling out of the driveway, very brief and very consistent, sounds like they are calibrating themselves or something. Is it possible you guys are hearing this noise but thinking that it comes from the dash?
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