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Android Phones & MMI Bluetooth

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Just got an Android based Samsung Galaxy S but before buying it, could not find much on compatibility of Andriod phones with Audi MMI interfaces. Took the plunge anyway, and thought I would share the findings in case it helps anyone else who may be looking:

1) For BT High, the phone interface does not allow a user to enable or disable RemoteSIM mode. If you pair from the MMI, it will "find" the phone and automatically pair with RemoteSIM enabled. If you want RemoteSIM disabled, delete the pairing and then start the pairing process from the handset and "search" for the car. In the MMI Phone settings, remember to set the Bluetooth to be Visible whilst pairing, it can be set back to Hidden afterwards.

2) With BT High and RemoteSIM enabled, any contacts that are stored in the SIM card will be visible in the MMI. However, call logs such as Missed calls, Received calls, Dialled calls, etc, will be blank on the MMI screen. The SMS text messages will appear on the MMI screen but this is inconvenient as they are stored in the MMI so you cannot read them later on the phone outside the car which is the way it is designed, it is not an Android issue. The external antennas provide better signal quality but only operate on the 2G frequencies, so you will better off in areas which have good 2G signal, but worse off in areas where 3G signals exist but no 2G signal. When RemoteSIM is enabled, the phone becomes "offline" so eMail and other features cease to operate on the handset.

3) With BT High and RemoteSIM disabled, or with BT Low, the situation is more encouraging. All contacts in the phone book become visible on the MMI screen. The call logs such as Missed calls, Received calls, Dialled calls, etc, will be visible on the MMI screen. You will not see SMS messages on the MMI screen, but the messages will be in the phone to read anytime/anywhere. The phone handset antenna will be used so whilst it may be slightly less capable than the external antenna in 2G areas, it will provide coverages in areas where 3G is also available. Other phone online features such as eMail continue to work.

Nothing to do with the A5, but whilst writing, I would say that all the 5 star reviews all over the web are absolutely right, it is an awesome piece of hardware!
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If you don't have the SIM slot, you probable don't have rSAP en so you have a "regular" bluetooth connection.
Not quite. MMI 3G has the extra SIM slot. MMI 2G does not have a dash based SIM slot. MMI 2G Bluetooth High has the external antenna and Remote SIM (rSAP) whilst MMI 2G Bluetooth Low has no Remote SIM and no external antenna.
Mayeb I'll try to update to Froyo this week and see what the result is then.

I tried to re-pair teh phone, all goes smooth nuut still the same result.

I start to think that maybe it's a Samsung prob then a Android problem. Since it seems that with a HTC it's no problem.

About the version of the MMI software, It's a 2010 A5 Sportback. Is there somewhere I can check the version number?
When you have connected, is there an icon on the lower part of the MMI screen? It will look like a mobile phone or it will look like a SIM card, just next to the signal strength icon? If you see the SIM card icon, you have connected via rSAP which is not fully supported for Address Book, Call Logs, etc. In this case, assuming you prefer normal Bluetooth with Address Books and Call Logs, delete the pairing on both the car and the phone. Wait until the car shuts off completely (usually half an hour after engine off), then attempt to pair again but from the mobile phone initiating the pairing process rather than the car. That should pair it without rSAP and you may then find better compatibility.
MMI 3G has two SD card slots in DVD or HDD form, if it has the extra SIM slot then it has phone prep high built in with rSAP, but with or without the SIM slot it is still MMI 3G. roof antenna is dependant on a few things, high system always has a roof antenna, low systems have a roof antenna if you have the cradle plate that supports an antenna connection, otherwise no roof antenna.

MMI 2G has no SD card slots. It can come with high or low phone systems, roof antenna is dependant on a few things, high system always has a roof antenna, low systems have a roof antenna if you have the cradle plate that supports an antenna connection, otherwise no roof antenna.

MMI 3G+ is only in the new 2011 A8/A7/A6

If you have a high system, it is possible to use it in low mode as well.

Thanks for the clarification! So much has advanced since those early days of 2G MMI and updates to the "knowledge base" are always appreciated!

I recently changed the car which now has MMI 3G, I am still discovering new and improved features every day!

Thanks for your input.
The Galaxy Note II uses the same Jelly Bean version of Android as the Galaxy S3 which I presently use so I hope this reply will be useful.

These newer phones do not support USB Mass Storage which previously made the phone act like a USB memory stick, and thus your MMI was previously able to "see" it via the USB connection. The newer phones use MTP which identifies media devices and that is not compatible with the Audi AMI.

The 3.5mm jack is your most economical option. But, if you want wireless connectivity, Audi make a bluetooth audio streaming interface for the older MMI which plugs into the AMI instead of your USB cable. The phone then pairs to this bluetooth audio streaming interface and music played on the phone should play via the MMI.

The simpler option is to buy a USB memory stick, copy your music to the USB memory stick, and just leave it permanently connection to the AMI USB cable!

Hope it helps!
Perhaps try some of the apps that help the transfer of the built-in phone book rather than the SIM phone book?

Not sure if your phone supports it, but in Settings, you can enable which phone books are shown, whether SIM, built-in, or both. Disabling the SIM phonebook sometimes works in some phones, as it thereafter only sees one phonebook and deals with it.
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