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Android Phones & MMI Bluetooth

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Just got an Android based Samsung Galaxy S but before buying it, could not find much on compatibility of Andriod phones with Audi MMI interfaces. Took the plunge anyway, and thought I would share the findings in case it helps anyone else who may be looking:

1) For BT High, the phone interface does not allow a user to enable or disable RemoteSIM mode. If you pair from the MMI, it will "find" the phone and automatically pair with RemoteSIM enabled. If you want RemoteSIM disabled, delete the pairing and then start the pairing process from the handset and "search" for the car. In the MMI Phone settings, remember to set the Bluetooth to be Visible whilst pairing, it can be set back to Hidden afterwards.

2) With BT High and RemoteSIM enabled, any contacts that are stored in the SIM card will be visible in the MMI. However, call logs such as Missed calls, Received calls, Dialled calls, etc, will be blank on the MMI screen. The SMS text messages will appear on the MMI screen but this is inconvenient as they are stored in the MMI so you cannot read them later on the phone outside the car which is the way it is designed, it is not an Android issue. The external antennas provide better signal quality but only operate on the 2G frequencies, so you will better off in areas which have good 2G signal, but worse off in areas where 3G signals exist but no 2G signal. When RemoteSIM is enabled, the phone becomes "offline" so eMail and other features cease to operate on the handset.

3) With BT High and RemoteSIM disabled, or with BT Low, the situation is more encouraging. All contacts in the phone book become visible on the MMI screen. The call logs such as Missed calls, Received calls, Dialled calls, etc, will be visible on the MMI screen. You will not see SMS messages on the MMI screen, but the messages will be in the phone to read anytime/anywhere. The phone handset antenna will be used so whilst it may be slightly less capable than the external antenna in 2G areas, it will provide coverages in areas where 3G is also available. Other phone online features such as eMail continue to work.

Nothing to do with the A5, but whilst writing, I would say that all the 5 star reviews all over the web are absolutely right, it is an awesome piece of hardware!
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It seems rSap/rSIM once was a great idee when there were not so much smart phones around.....using the external antenna, in fact completely remote access the SIM data via Bluetooth from the MMI, as if the SIM was in the car...........a great solution when using an old Nokia 6310i.

The fact that you can NOT use your smartphone anymore (for twitter, foursquare, websites, chat, RSS feeds, e-reader, music playing, navigation, etc, etc, etc) however, makes the rSap/rSIM completely useless when using a modern smartphone like the iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian, etc devices all out there.

In my case, I use the built-in SIM-card reader inside the MMI (in between the 2 SD card slots) and put there a duo-sim card, and then I have the external antenna use, and still can use the smartphone whenever I (or in fact only the passengers!) need to.

Just my $0.02
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If you don't have the SIM slot, you probable don't have rSAP en so you have a "regular" bluetooth connection. I use also the "regular" connection with my Windows Mobile device, and then all contacts/calls/etc are synced with the MMI. If you have many contacts, the first time can take very long (20 minutes or so) so connect, and drive on and see what happens.

I remember there was a tool for Windows Mobile to get it working even better, but don't know if this exists for Android too.
Today I was with a friend who also uses the same windows mobile phine in his BMW car kit, and it was exactly the same problem.

Using windows mobile, the phonebook download works find, using the Android phone you can use the hands-free to place calls, but the phonebook isn't available via the carkit.

So I guess I need to go looking specificly to tweak the setting or something in the android phone and it has probably nothing to do with the A5 built in car kit.
Maybe you can find your answer here:

Audi Mobile Database

For Windows Mobile you can install additional software of Jetware, maybe there is something similar for Android?
Not quite. MMI 3G has the extra SIM slot. MMI 2G does not have a dash based SIM slot. MMI 2G Bluetooth High has the external antenna and Remote SIM (rSAP) whilst MMI 2G Bluetooth Low has no Remote SIM and no external antenna.
Oops, sorry, I ment only 3G MMI (there rSAP means extra sim slot).
Desire Z not working flawlessly...

After reading this thread, at first I was not so worried to get my HTC Desire Z connected to my Audi MMI 3G+ with BT+. seems not so easy as it least.........when you have lot of phone numbers in your Android phone!

The connection can be made from the MMI (search for phone) or from the HTC (search for BT devices) . Both ways make it possible to connect (after giving a pin). The only choice you have, however, is connecting as Handsfree. The rSAP option is NOT shown (not when initiating the connection from the MMI, but also not when started from the HTC).

Since, for obvious reasons, I don't want to use rSAP for my HTC, I connect the MMI as "Handsfree device".

All looks ok (you can dial numbers from the MMI or the HTC, you can speak/listen, and you see a signal bar on the MMI screen). However.......after a few minutes the BT connection is suddenly lost, and it is NOT possible to reconnect again (not from MMI and not from HTC). The only way to re-connect is to put BT on the HTC off and on again, or put the MMI/ignition off and on again. But then the same thing repeats: first there is a connection, but it is lost after few minutes!

Not really a situation to use the phone in the I really wanted to solve this and digged deeper.

I noticed that when the HTC is connected, the MMI tries to sync the phone numbers of the HTC (missed, dialed, answered calls and contacts). You see a sync symbol in the top of the MMI screen. Then, on the HTC you get a message: "Audi MMI wants to access your contact lists, do you Allow or Deny?".........since you want to use the numbers in the MMI, of course I chose Allow. And there it went wrong!!!

The MMI can "only" store 2000 numbers per connected phone (and max 5000 numbers over a maximum of 4 "paired phones"). I have less than 2000 contacts, so this went ok when connecting my previous HTC (Touch Pro, WM6.1), where every contact was shown in the MMI with one or more numbers (and adresses, so you could navigate to your contacts too!).

With the HTC Desire Z (Android 2.2/Froyo) however, all numbers from 1 HTC contact, are stored as a separate contact in the MMI, so if somebody has a phone number for work, house and car, this means 3 contacts in the MMI with the same name. Not very convenient and because of this for example "only" 666 HTC contacts (with an average of 3 phone numbers per contact) can be stored in the MMI this way.

Assuming you don't care about this maximum, the problems are not over, because.........if you connect a phone to the MMI that has more (than 2000 phone numbers), it will connect, and even tries to sync these 2000 numbers, but when the maximum is reached, it disconnects (without any error) and you are left with a non-connected phone :(

Don't know how to really solve this, but there might be some workaround (e.g. by only syncing the most important contacts, but you can not select this in the MMI or the HTC, on WM 5/6 this was possible using the Jetware tool!).

Happily I found a way to be able to at least use the phone in the car, despite this "bug" and that is by selecting Deny (and NOT Allow) when the HTC is asking for your permission that the MMI will access its contact list. You have to Deny 5-6 times, but then, after few minutes, the sync symbol on the MMI screen disappears, and the HTC stays connected! And even more strange: then you have all missed/dialed/answered calls AND 2000 numbers accessible in the MMI (so much for Denying access........!?). How many (and which) numbers did NOT sync into the MMI is totally unclear, so it is not a real solution, but it works for me now.

Another way might be to use an SD card to import Outlook contacts (then 1 contact can have multiple numbers again, AND the naviation addresses will be included again, something that is apparantly NOT possible now with Android....).

So much for BT compatibility accross different platforms..... :ninja2:
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In addition to my previous post: everytime you get in the car, you get the Authentication Request (for accessing the address book). If you say Deny (again few times) it keeps working, if you make the mistake to say Accept one time................after few minutes connection lost and not reconnectable [email protected][email protected]

Very irritating this, so if anybody finds a better way to make this work.................. (if you Google on HTC Desire carkit or Android bluetooth connection, you will find many problems with seems there is a small "patch" but then you have to "Root" your HTC and will it not be under warranty probably...........if no other solution, I have to follow that way I am afraid.

It seems Android and BT is not a solid combination yet.................
Ok, another work around: just ignore the authorisation rexquest, and erything keeps working (until now). This will be sufficient for me now, but awaiting a BT upgrade on my Desire..............
can you post a link to the patch for phones that are rooted? i cannot find it....
You can find it HERE. But be careful with flashing ROMS, etc, you must know exactly what you are doing.

If it works, let us know!
ok i downloaded that patch. my phone is already rooted. works great. i no longer have to deny bluetooth authorization and now my contacts etc show up in the MMI properly.
Sounds good......which Android phone do you have and do you have the original ROM rooted, or a special ROM?

My HTC Desire Z was recently updated OTA with new OS from HTC and seems not easy to root anymore............
Strange that in the facelifted MMI 3G+ the address book of (some?) Android phones will NOT sync with the MMI (only the SIM addresses, but who uses that these days.....). In the pre-facelifted MMI 3G, both the SIM address book as well as the smartphone address book were synced..........any thoughts???
Perhaps try some of the apps that help the transfer of the built-in phone book rather than the SIM phone book?

Not sure if your phone supports it, but in Settings, you can enable which phone books are shown, whether SIM, built-in, or both. Disabling the SIM phonebook sometimes works in some phones, as it thereafter only sees one phonebook and deals with it.
Tried this one: BT Phone book, but no result.....are there any others that work?

The SIM phonebook was already NOT shown in my Android settings, but maybe there is a way to completely disable it?


BTW, tried exporting all contacts from Outlook to .vcf, but............when importing these from SD or USB, the MMI only accepts max 100 vCards............unbelievable, because when it will work via bluetooth, maximum is 2000 !
Tried this one: BT Phone book, but no result.....are there any others that work?

The SIM phonebook was already NOT shown in my Android settings, but maybe there is a way to completely disable it?


BTW, tried exporting all contacts from Outlook to .vcf, but............when importing these from SD or USB, the MMI only accepts max 100 vCards............unbelievable, because when it will work via bluetooth, maximum is 2000 !
Tried this tool again, and when I select a certain Category (Personal or Business or Favorite) then the sync of contact in the smartphone (with the correct Category label) DOES SUCCEED! Working now on a special RS5 Category, so all contacts will be synced to the car!
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