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So I'm on my third Audi, A5, A7, RS5

The infotainment systems have always been second to none. However as much as I love my RS5 Sportback, one thing drives me insane.

Android Auto works flawlessly with the entertainment system. Except when already plugged in.

Imagine the scenario, you're at a petrol station, turned the engine off, left your phone plugged in and go sort out the costly activity.

You come back and start up your second child only to find that instead of just resuming where you left off, your phone is now asking to re-pair the Bluetooth but fails because it's plugged in.

When plugged in the Bluetooth gets disabled either fully or in part.

So you have to then unplug, re-pair and then go about your daily business. Cleaning up the 12 phones your car now thinks you have.

If I unplug the phone before turning the car on everything is fine.

Why does this happen?

I've had an S Class Merc for a few weeks and I'm able to leave the phone plugged in, stop start etc and live my life without constantly having to re connect the damn phone.

Now I know it's nothing to do with the phone as I've tried three different phones all with the same experience.

Audi what gives?
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