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OK, so some of you will know from other posts that I have been experiencing a phantom judder - which I initially put down to poorly-balanced wheels, then got shown how my front tyres were wearing unevenly etc etc.

Well, the judder has persisted, despite having new front tyres fitted and wheels re-balanced, so today I went to get the rears checked (just to prove I'm not a complete loon, the shudder is felt through the seat, rather than the steering wheel, suggesting it is coming from the rear, not front).

I have no idea if there is any truth in this, but the guy in the tyre shop told me that part of the reason for the judder could be a mis-match in the tread (and therefore rolling circumference) between the front tyres (brand new, 8mm tread) and rear tyres (original Dunlop Maxx, down to 3mm). He told me that quattros don't like having tyres/wheels with different rolling circumferences as it messes with the 4wd diff etc.

I'm very dubious, but thought I'd ask if anyone else had ever heard similar stories?

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