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Sold the RS5, going two wheels for a bit. 🏍 Or might just do nothing as I work from home and walk to town. Gonna save some right coin.

Ghost 2 is being removed very soon and I'm looking to sell it on to anyone UK based. £450 to £500 new £300 here and as new.

Nothing for you to see in the kit itself, wires and chips. Emergency code hasn't been used and scratch off surface still in tact. Bluetooth code has (so scratch off Works perfectly as always.

I sold my last ghost 1 too and no issues reinstalling in a new car with a ghost approved installer. It'll be the ghost and the paperwork, so you'll need to get someone to fit it.

I also have some SQ5 winter mats available, SQ5 winter boot mat (has 4 hole cut out to use anchor points on RS5 tho)

Listed elsewhere too so will close/update here as needed.
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