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I got an issue with my 09 A5 2.0tdi Quattro I’ve checked the forums and can’t find same as my problem
My aircon has been playing around for a couple of years it just stops working button lights up when you press it and as soon as you take it off it goes off again so the first time I took to garage they done leak test and re-gas etc and reset it and it lasted a bout 5-6 months then on last service I got them to look again and they replaced a sensor and rest and again lasted a month or 2 and then gone again but this time my blower has completely stopped work but was temperamental at first normally ok at first but if say stopped for petrol it wouldn’t come back on when start again and then sometimes 10 mins later would fire up again
But now doesn’t come on at all no matter what I do and I’ve checked fuses but it seems when it’s freezing like it’s been -2 in the morning here it’s coming on which is good for getting to work but again won’t start later at end of work day its a pain as where it’s been so damp and had no heat in car it’s actually icy inside which I also have to scrape so has anyone had this problem ? Or can point me to a guide or something that might be able to help

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Car battery needs replacing perhaps????
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