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Hi all, I come to put the A/C on last week during the few days of hot weather and nothing happened but for it to blow hot air.

After doing some reading up, it looks like it may just be the common pressure sensor failure.

So tonight I removed the plastic trim panel above the grill so could get the part number off it, which is 4H0 959 126A.

I can replace like for like, but believe there is an upgraded version to this part, which I would rather fit to avoid the it failing again. Does anyone know what the part number is?

Also, I've read that the 'o' ring should also be replaced, does anyone have the part number for it?

Should I get genuine Audi or is there somewhere else that sells good quality OE spec at realistic prices (seen a few cheap ones on ebay, but I guess they wouldn't last long and waste of money)

Would be appreciated ff any one has links to the one's people have bought and roughly how much, as seen prices range from £20 to £80+

My car is a A5 2.0L TDI Coupe 2013

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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