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Again need help for the this noise on cold start for 5 minutes.

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I made a vid so please any help would be appreciated .

Thanks in advance.
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How does it sound when you rev it?

Timing chain is more of a rattle.

Thinking out loud, this sounds like it could be a small split/crack in the exhaust manifold! How long does it take to stop?

Ask Ade, Redline DTM as he had the exhaust snap at the flange on the end of the cat which is attached to the manifold.

Just doesn't sound like a chain to me, more like the pffst noise you get from a leaking exhaust. After 5 mins the heat can 'seal' the split/crack in the exhaust!

Try and get the exhaust inspected underneath too and look for any signs of soot marks or when warming up, damp patches to signify a leak.

The timing chain tensioners are hydraulic working off oil pressure and can disappear with some revs. Get someone to rev it gently and see how the noise changes.
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And I reckon it's the exhaust! :D

The joys of cars and garages!

Whereabouts are you?
MRC in Banbury are tuning company, but specialise in Audis, they may be able to have a look?

Sorry I can only recommend MRC as I'm up in Manchester. :)
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