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Again need help for the this noise on cold start for 5 minutes.

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I made a vid so please any help would be appreciated .

Thanks in advance.
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Sounds like a timing chain slapping against something, whether it鈥檚 the timing chain cover or something else.

Heard of the hydraulic tensioner needing a bit of pressure and warm oil before it tightens up and that sound goes....

Still not good! Look it up and see if the sound is similar for other 3.0 but it really does sound very similar to be honest.

The fix in itself is pretty expensive too!! 馃槶

Oh God, I am sacred now but I have booked it with VW specialist for tomorrow to see what they come out with it. they will keep the car overnight and see what the noise is for.

Don't want to spend a lot.
Service history all upto dates. Oil changed last month and it's got 76k miles on the clock. I am not sure about the oil they used as the oil service done by a local garage. They got it off the euro car part.

Is all the service history up to date, all oil changes been done on time and with the correct oil?
What's the mileage?
How does it sound when you rev it?

Timing chain is more of a rattle.

Thinking out loud, this sounds like it could be a small split/crack in the exhaust manifold! How long does it take to stop?

Ask Ade, Redline DTM as he had the exhaust snap at the flange on the end of the cat which is attached to the manifold.

Just doesn't sound like a chain to me, more like the pffst noise you get from a leaking exhaust. After 5 mins the heat can 'seal' the split/crack in the exhaust!

Try and get the exhaust inspected underneath too and look for any signs of soot marks or when warming up, damp patches to signify a leak.

The timing chain tensioners are hydraulic working off oil pressure and can disappear with some revs. Get someone to rev it gently and see how the noise changes.
The sound normally lasts for 5 minutes or so and then doesn't come back till the next cold start. I have asked one of our work mechanics to look he said it's definitely not the timing chain.
The sound come and goes on the so it's not constant. It sort of winding and if I rev its nothing change. I will try it today to see as advice
Perhaps the timing chain runners it鈥檚 hitting shading im thinking, but the sound it鈥檚 metal on metal sound. if the exhaust was spilt or cracked I still couldn鈥檛 imagine this sort of sound unless it was loose but then it would still rattle against soemthing.

Does the OP have a solid flat head screwdriver and put the flat part to the engine and your ear onto the handle to listen in? Could be coming from the core of the engine.


P.S. post the resolution or even the reason for tapping pls! I鈥檓 intrigued!

I have just dropped the car off at the garage. The guy saw a video and he said it's not engined he thinks it exhaust something air flow but they will do a cold start tomorrow and let me know the cost and full diagnostics etc. They got a good review son to google so finger-cross.

Will keep you update with this.

You going to laugh at this but today when I started a car just an hour ago there was no sound its started just as normally do so I was double-minded about whether to take the car to the garage on not but then I realized the weather is really good and warm today. So it's definatiley to do with cold weather and a cold start.
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Alex, The garage I have given my car in said it's not from the engine it's from the gearbox, and it could be oil. He recommends someone in Reading to look at it. So I am stuck.
he said the noise goes after 5 minutes so it seems the oil flow. so need a proper diagnosis @Alex1990
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Atleast you鈥檙e getting somewhere @Shuja !

I鈥檓 hoping it鈥檚 a honestly a sorta 鈥渃heap鈥 fix 馃馃徎馃馃徎馃馃徎

Keep us updated!

I am so confused and feel like hit my head somewhere. The first garage said gearbox they ain't got a clue doggy specialist. now the Second one is saying it's cam chain and needs to be changed but he cant does it till April and it will cost me 2k. Where can I find an honest mechanic? Seriously
And I reckon it's the exhaust! :D

The joys of cars and garages!

Whereabouts are you?
lol in Oxford.
MRC in Banbury are tuning company, but specialise in Audis, they may be able to have a look?

Sorry I can only recommend MRC as I'm up in Manchester. :)
Booked it in for a cam chain change. The second garage said its defo a cham chain so let see the cheapest I got so far is 拢870.
Hopefully they鈥檒l find the reason for the cam chain rattle while they鈥檙e at it, so it doesn鈥檛 repeat. Make sure they check the runners aswell for tell tale signs!

Cheer mate will do will keep you update.
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Finally, the problem resolved. Paid 拢1970 including VAT got all the cham chain and apparently, there were 4 chains to replaced. The car now runs smoother than ever and seems the power is back.
the whole engine was removed even the gearbox and exhaust. It took 4 days as one of the chains which go into the fuel thing was only available from the main dealer.

If any want their cam chain to replace Pm me as I can recommend this honest garage with a good price.
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Thanks, Alex...

Glad it鈥檚 sorted, shame about the cost!

enjoy the car again now! 馃憤馃徎
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