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after market day time running lights

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hey guys got my 1.8 tfsi last wednesday and im looving it.

phnatom black, b&o, y design alloys (real head turner), heated seats. thats all i wanted.

got the car from bexley audi, it wass part of their group stock.

one MAJOR problem!!!

no day time running lights. does any one know if they are availabl from audi or as an aftermarket part.

thanks guys hope to here from u's soon
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there are a few Audi specialists online that carry it (madaudi, for example).

now no need to post the same thing twice, eh?
Dont put the aftermarket ones on. I saw an audi with some fake DRL's the other day. The actual colour of light was yellow. It actually cheapened the car.

Give audi a call and ask them. Im sure they may be able to do something.
now no need to post the same thing twice, eh?

Fixed that (which got ugly for a second because it was my first go at it!)
I've seen a couple of aftermarket LEDs on a few cars now and they look weird. I've seen an orange one and a yellowy one (BMW and Scooby) and they didnt look right.
I hope people dont ruin the image of the DRLs..... Last thing you want to see is a ford escort or similar with DRL's
I heard something about the goverment or someone todo with road safety not sure who but they were considering make it a legal requirment to have daytime running lights, not heard anything about it in while though.

doubledoom: lol i've always wanted to ask someone who has those wiper/screen wash led things why they have them, it seriously confuses me.
There are a whole bunch of Chinese buses in Dubai with the R8 kind of DRL. Now thats embarassing! sells the OEM Euro Spec lights that include the LED DRLs, they are pricey though:
- Bi-Xenon (S5-ECD-002) $1120.00
- Adaptive (S5-ECD-003) $1598.00
the lights sell with the DRLs and xenons - can you get someone to fit them as im useless with car technical tasks! have a 1.8T FSi so they werent on the car when i got it.
do they look as good as the genuine Audi DRLs?
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