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Hi All

Submitting my first post after reading various forums for weeks now..!:thumbsup: (please don't bite my head off)

I'm getting new A5 s-line (with 'lowered' sport suspension) in couple of weeks time and wanting to organise some modifications to have done within a day or two of collecting.

Have already lined up local workshop with two Eibach spacer options (15mm and 20mm) so can see which looks best.

But having trouble with lowering springs.!?

Eibach's only offering for the 2.0 TFSI will, according to them, only lower the car by an extra 10/15mm at best. Therefore have contacted H&R to discuss options with them, they have reccommnded a 35mm 'Sport Kit' for the s-line which apparenatly will give an overall 20/25mm drop.

After searching/studying the forums the vast majority of you seem to have lowered by 1", and any photo's I've seen seem to give a nice effect without being too low or overly aggressive. Can anyone (maybe someone who's already done this) please tell/assure me that this H&R 35mm 'Sport Kit' is the one I should be ordering for a 2.0 TFSI s-line..?

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