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As I was driving home in my recently purchased A5 yesterday evening a message flashed up on the dash telling me i was out of Adblue. What the hell is Adblue I asked myself. I soon discovered when I got home and did a search on here, but why wasn’t i told about it when I bought the car. I‘ve been driving for many years and I’ve never heard of it before. One of the reasons I went back to diesels was economy, now I find I‘ve got to buy Adblue as well as diesel.

I was lucky it happened near home because I subsequently discovered that if I turned the engine off after 35 miles, it wouldn’t start again. Although I did also discover that if it wont start again after 35 miles all that’s necessary to put the key in the ignition and push it in for 30 seconds, Then after a beep it will start as normal and you get another 35 miles, but I suppose most of you already knew that!
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AdBlue is required for Selective Catalytic Reduction (which reduces NOx) to work. This was part of what was required to meet EU6 class environmental demands for diesel cars back in late 2015 iirc. I’ve not had a car that uses AdBlue, but I believe a tankful lasts quite a while.

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Car is Asking for Ad Blue
For more info, statistics, opinion and some bollocks...
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I bought mine from Halfords, can anyone tell me what gsf is?
I was informed by a mechanic that you need to keep the Adblue topped up. Other wise the take side dry out and a residue forms, when you then top up the adblue this gets in the pump and blocks it. Ford ate beging to see this issue now and they blame incorrect adblue has been added. Just be aware.
Have you filled your car with fuel since buying it- you must have noticed the Adblue filler cap right next to the diesel filler cap? Having adblue to meet EU6 regulations is why you only pay £20 a year road tax.Once topped up though your adblue should last about 9,000 miles.
So your dealer very kindly supplied you with er almost ZERO adblue and er forgot to mention it?????? True professionals indeed.
Yep, and I thought he was a good guy, I gave him a great review in Autotrader. It must have been almost empty because i only did about 500 miles.

10 litres 8.03 squids...
Current cheapest asda 7.50...

10 litres 8.03 squids...
Current cheapest asda 7.50...
Thanks for that. I paid £12.50 at Halfords.
I was educated by a specialist that you have to keep the Adblue beat up. Other shrewd the take side dry out and a buildup structures, when you at that point top up the adblue this gets in the siphon and squares it. Passage ate beging to see this issue now and they accuse off base adblue has been added.Kodi nox
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I often have to converse with people who struggle to be understood....we call them customers.
Here it may be someone whose English is a second or third language, or their predictive text is off star wars...

Either way the gist is that if adblue is left in an unagitated state long enough crystals form and can block the pipes. If you take it to a dealer they blame it on you using contaminated adblue.

The shelf life is AdBlue defined in the ISO 22241-3 standards. At constant temperatures up to 30 deg C the product will last a minimum of 12 months; at constant temperatures up to 35 deg C the shelf life is reduced to a minimum of 6 months.

I do know if you leave spilled adblue long enough it will crystallise but no idea how much of a threat this is in a semi sealed system.

Sure audi wouldn't sell something designed to fail......

Oh yes, 2.0 Tfsi 2008-2011....

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