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I have had a request by a customer to carry out a couple of things on their car. Firstly, "pace lights", as in the rear indicators flashing each side of the two part led module. similar to this video. They currently have proper dynamic indicators, but want it just as the block type middle module on then outer module on.

I know there seems to be different ways of carrying this out with delays etc maybe first light comes on and then off as second comes on like the video or first on then second on then both off.

Also they would like the DRLs to flash with the indicator. So kind of similar to DRL wink, but instead of dimming down they want it to flash alternative to the indicator, so drl on indicator off, drl off indicator on, flashing.

I have seen some tutorials on carrying both of these out with other cars but not with the A5. Can anyone help with the coding for this or any information what is required for it to be possible, eg spec or configurations? I have a VCDS autoscan if required. Thanks all
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