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Greetings All!

I'm a noobie on this site do please excuse if its been asked already.

I have a 2013 a5 Sportback and want to upgrade the wheel to a flat bottom one and also the front seats.

My questions:
  1. Which models wheel will fit - I have the round airbag. I saw one for the TT with a round airbag but not sure if the thread will fir at the hub? Any help?
  2. Which seats can I use in the front? Are they all the same base? Looking at come of the "S" sport seats from the S3, RS3, RS4, S4, S5 etc. Any help?
Any help will be highly appreciated!

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Hi Joihn and welcome aboard!! Tell us about your car please and I am sure that some of the guys can help. Also, read thro the massive database and many many questions will be answered.
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