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I Hope this is a one off to be frank! No consolation for you I know, but I haven't heard of anything quite so bad looking round various Audi forums. I guess there's always some failure rate with any sample of new cars, it thankfully looks pretty low for Audi, but there's always someone out there with a sorry tale like this. We all just hope it doesn't happen to us.

Just have a look at Swadman's leather seats in the thread on that subject!:eek:

As a piece of advice, start writing down somewhere all the dates and nature of each failure so that if this carries on you have a stronger case for rejecting the car and getting a new replacement from your dealer. Also record any costs you incurred (hire car/loss of work etc.) and exactly how long the car was off the road each time.

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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