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I just don't understand why manufacturers insist on the DPF's route to cleaner emissions. In some cases, Peugeot for example the filter can be cleaned and reused, but for many its a frustrating and expensive problem that will haunt owners long after the cars are out of warranty. I cant see a solution for you with the A5, if you're not doing the kind of sustained higher speed driving needed to burn off the filter then this will keep happening and Audi will not be able to to prevent it.

Renault took certain model Scenics back from owners who's filters kept blocking and replaced the cars with a different non FAF equipped car.

I assume it was EU pressure thats forced the manufacturers down this route, but surely to suggest someone needs to drive at high speed for up to twenty minutes a week to clean their filter is ludicrous...sorry to hear of your problems Eagle, seems a pattern of poor customer care is developing here...Hope Audi are watching..
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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