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Hi, does anyone out there have any info at all on whether ( and if so when ) it will be possible to order an A5 2.0TDi in the UK? We have been hearing for the last 9 months or more that this is "coming" but we are still waiting !!!! This is extremely frustrating. I am lucky to have a company car - policy is all diesel. I returned an Audi A6 in November last year and have been holding out replacing since then in the hope that a 2.0TDi would be available soon ( driving a temporary BMW 520 in meantime ). 2.7Tdi Co2's are too high for me.

Also I understand Audi prices rising in July. I am considering giving up the wait and settling for a BMW 320d or an Audi A4 2.0Tdi S-line.

Any help / guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.:confused:
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