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Cheers Guys,

I know from having a 1.9TDi in a SEAT a few years back getting the quoted MPG was reasonably achievable.....
Ah that takes me back a few years! My first 'proper' car from new was a 1.9 TDi Ibiza sport 130 brake. Loved it, ragged it 90% of the time and still got low 50s MPG overall and nearer 60 on a 'sensible' journey. Offical 0-60 was about 9.1 secs from memory but just felt so much quicker especially at higher MPH when I could 'embarrass' (probably the wrong word as I wasn't a deliberate boy racer - honest!) superficially 'better' cars as ridiculous torque on it for its size. Having shared that trip down memory lane, you'll probably tell me now you actually had a 1.9 TDi Leon anyway.... :thumbsup:

Back on thread, the A5 3.0 TDi is obviously a different proposition from any 1.9TDI Seat. I'm getting c35 mpg overall in mine at minute, and don't usually hang about and am often in a gear lower than probably should be, but know others with newer models and/or more miles on the clock are routinely getting low 40s. Definitely a 'class' car, massive fun, and yet still some economic sense behind it IMO.

Welcome to the site, you will love it and learn loads. I'm a relatively newbie and not exaggerating by saying I learn something, or at least read something to ponder upon, most days of visiting!!!!
1 - 1 of 70 Posts
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