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A5 Sportback - which one?

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Hi there, new to the forum so hello to everyone.

Basically looking at getting an A5 Quattro s-tronic S-line sportback and I'm torn between which to go for. It comes down to either the 2.0 TFSi (211PS) or the 3.0 TDi. On bare numbers this site, using the quoted ROTR prices of 32,525 and 36,220 respectively, and fuel prices at 103.9 and 104.9* it would take over 20 years to recoup the cost, that timeframe gets even longer if diesel were to go back to a gap of 5-7p/litre. Allowing for assumed residuals of 49% and 51% respectively (taken from What Car mag for the A5 coupe - no sportback yet) the diesel claws a bit back but not enough to offset the cost in anything like a sensible time frame. I probably do around 15k miles a year, give or take.

So my question is, are the quoted combined figures reasonable (or at least the approximate 5mpg difference), how are people finding it in the real world?

Also what extras are worth having, i.e. that add or help to retain vehicle value, is the Sat Nav/MMI worth it? Anything else?

Thanks for your help

* What it cost this morning from the local BP for standard fuel - I'd probably use premium stuff in practice as I'm a sucker for the marketing blurb.
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Go for the 3.0TdI
No ifs No buts

I did the same maths as you about fuel and bought the 2.0TFSI Quattro S Tronic.

When you compare 38.2 average mpg of the TFSI against the 42.8 of the TDI, based on current fuel prices I estimated it would take about 300,000 miles to recoupe the difference in list price

The reality is that I am getting up to 30% less mpg than stated in the brochure
The real world figures for me are more like 24mpg average against (from what I am told by other contributors on this site) 40mpg average for the diesel
Based on this set of figures I would break even in 36,000 miles - or in my case payback within 2 years
I think you need to factor in Residual value and fun too!!:thumbsup:
Good point!!

(Plus you will have far more fun if you are not sat on a garage forecourt every 250 miles)
Agree with all your comments.. talking about learning something did we ever establish what Audi did to the 2009 model 3.0Tdi Quattro to make it have lower CO2/Lower Car Tax and better MPG figures than the 2007/8 models??

Yes - They probably found out you can lie in the brochure and get away with it!!!!
Simple fact is the A5 sportback is aimed directly at the company car market.
Most companies have a policy of not allowing 2 door company cars on their fleet
Obviously with the A5 being somewhat coveted, Audi know there will be a massive take up if they provide a "back door" way of obtaining one (pardon the pun)
1 - 4 of 70 Posts
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