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for you cool dudes who already have seen the S5/A5 in the flesh,
how does it compare in size to A4, BMW 3 and 5 series, etc?
I think I said this in another post, but here goes again. The A5/S5 is wider and has a more substantial look/feel than does the 3 series coupe, but does not project as large (or stubby, in my opinion) as the 6 series coupe. Think of it as if there was such a thing as a BMW 5 and a half series coupe.

Compared to my '06 A4, it is obviously shorter, but wider. On the inside, though, it has a much more pronounced A6 feel. I've driven the A6 and the S5 feels a lot like an A6 sitting behind the wheel (while you're stationary, at least) -- same layout, etc, and because the car is wider the front seat feel, is a little more spacious feeling than my A4's. The seats are more fitted and less plush than the A6's.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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