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Still Tint Problems?

Sorry to hear that other members are still blowing amps after the warnings. Indeed the prior posts in this thread are spot on with the precautionary measures you need to take to protect the amp and the rear deck subwoofer.
Definitely select someone insured so they are financially liable in the event something goes wrong.
Now that my amp has been replaced ($1,300.00 for the amp and $350.00 for labor) and I have been driving the car now for a couple of weeks the B&O system doesn’t seem to be the same as before. I sat in Quatt’s car after he changed his subwoofer and it definitely sounds much better with the mods he performed. (Can’t remember where I saw his post)
Overall I am extremely disappointed with the B&O system compared to the performance of my Q7 Bose system. The sub just doesn’t kick as much as I would like it to (for a premium upgraded system) and the settings need constant tinkering depending on the genre of music your listening to.
Good luck fellas!
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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