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Hi all,

Selling my S5 cabrio next week so I have a few items that could be of use to other owners.
First item available is the wonderful roof control module from mod4cars that allows you to control the roof from your remote key (best mod I have ever bought).
It's very easy to install - should only take a few minutes (30 mins for a novice).
New it will cost over £300 - I'm only looking for £175 (including shipping to mainland UK). Let me know if you're interested.

Details of the item: (please note the model years)
STLFAI2 - SmartTOP Top Control for Audi A5 Convt. and R8 Spyder
Designed for A5/S5 (2009-2016) and R8 (2009-2015)

mods4cars product manual
mods4cars product manual


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