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I have a 2008 A5 Quattro 3L TDI (Coupe) - Manual Gearbox. Something went seriously wrong last week. No one I know can really come up with an explanation, and I've been told by the garage (that my car is stuck at) that I need a new clutch at £1600 including labour. Can anyone on here understand these symptoms?

Started engine. Put car into reverse.
Reversed out of parking spot.
Couldn't get gear lever out of reverse (foot on clutch - tried really quite hard).
Stopped engine.
Could now put car into neutral.
Started engine.
Could not put car into any gear.
Stopped engine (got pushed back into parking spot). Could now put into any gear, but only whilst engine stopped.
Tried starting engine whilst in first gear (clutch down). Funny noises, labouring. Aborted. (Alternative would have been revving to see if I could keep it going.)
Second gear, exactly the same thing.

Basically, whilst the engine is running, you can't move the gear lever between gear/neutral (clutch down). If you try and start it in gear (clutch down), unhealthy sounds.

Called breakdown and got towed to a garage near my home (had to guess who would be open the next day). The car is un-driveable.

Does anyone on here know the system well enough to know what has failed? It was out of the blue - no indications of any problems before hand.

Do I need a full clutch replacement? Will a clutch replacement definitely fix the problem? I'm no mechanic, but I don't understand why a clutch failure would stop me being able to take it out of gear.

The clutch was never slipping, so perhaps it's not worn out. Is a hydraulic failure a possibility? Easier (cheaper to get repaired)? The clutch peddle felt normal to use.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

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I had a problem just like that in my a3 2.0 tdi, it may be a syncros or a flywheel problem. I had sticking gear only when the car is cold, in reverse and in the first gear and i had to shut the car off to put it back in neutral, sometimes really hard to go from neutral to to first, neutral to reverse and first to second. Once the car was in normal operating temp. Everything was normal. It turned out to be a flywheel problem.
Replace the gear oil, if nothing changes then it's the flywheel (replace the clutch while you at it), if it gets better then it's the gearbox.
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