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Nearly all the dealers I've spoken with have confirmed a late February to Mid-March 2008 for an Audi A5 in the United States. Orders are expected to begin in the next few months.

I'm not a rep. and all this is from discussing with several Sales Rep's from various dealerships, including the one close to the Corporate Headquarters in Michigan.

So, if you are pre-ordering one or plan to, then please post here.

Please tell us the following:
  • What dealership(s) did you place a retainer.
  • Exterior Color option.
  • Interior Color option.
  • Manual vs Automatic (if option is available).
  • B&O Upgrade (Y/N).
  • Rear View Camera Option.
  • Any additional upgrade option (new info as being released)

As for me, I have not yet pre-ordered. However, am probably going to within the next week or so. Thanks for sharing.
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