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I apologize for one more of my life blog posts, but I feel like my future A/S5 brethren should know of the possibility of a new member in the family :D

I think, as much as it pains me to say, that I will not be ordering an A5 anytime in the near future. My situation just doesn't allow it. I'm currently working, living at home, have a car, very few bills to pay, etc. That sounds like an ideal time for buying your first car, right? Well, I'll be applying for my Masters next year all over N.A., which would mean that if I got accepted then, I would really only have my car for about a year if I ordered it as soon as I could (assuming the 3.2 quattro flag is lifted soon for my market).

When I come back from my Masters a year or two later, I'll be coming back to a car that's been either used by everyone in my household for over a year, or a car that's been sitting there, neglected, for as long as I was gone. I don't think that having driven the car for a year is worth spending my next two years of ownership being thousands of miles away from it, worrying all the time. Not ideal.

So, I've decided that I will put a pause on my A/S5 journey. Why? Well, not only will I not have to worry about such a situation anymore, but I'll be able to build up the finances for a much, much quicker car (RS5, anyone?!? :D )

I feel like I've made the right choice. I'll still stick around the boards. It'll be painful, but I will. Gotta keep that post count up! :p :cool:
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