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Parking plus is probably OK but I've heard people comment that they only really use the standard rear parking.
I've certainly indicated in other early posts that I don't tend to use the parking display but that's changing as I start to relax about where I park and become a bit more adventurous. The front sensors are a must and as Withnail says, I do find it useful to see just where the obstacle is ... it's not always where you think it may be from the beeps alone.

I have interior lighting and haven't really noticed it (my A3 used to have a more pronounced red ambience in the front at night with this option which was cool but on the A5 it's not as noticable). Take it away and I would probably miss it. I personally find the storage pack far more practical.

I also have the auto dimming mirror but only because when I ordered it wasn't clear that auto lights/wipers were standard on UK A5s without this option. In retrospect I would drop it in favour of the Bluetooth prep which I stupidly didn't add. I've received a Parrot 3100 kit today and will post pics for everyone to laugh at once it's installed on Friday. I haven't found anything that integrates with AIS/MMI (and I work for a big mobile operator!)

Don't forget your hold assist - bargain at £45.

Hope this helps.
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